Assange Wedding - 23 March 1pm


Time and Place

The Ceremony

  • Wednesday, 23 March, 2022 1pm-4pm GMT
  • HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, London SE28 0EB, United Kingdom
  • Please dress-up for possible photo opportunities.

Get Involved

  • Sponsor a park bench for the occasion of Julian and Stella's Wedding
  • Put up Free Assange posters in local cafes and businesses
  • Instead of giving gifts, please donate below.

Reach Out

  • Write to your MP or local government officials.
  • Connect with grassroots support campaigns
  • Follow @DEACampaign and @StellaMoris1 on twitter
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Julian Assange

World-renowned publisher by day, dad and hero to his kids by night. The groom grew up in the great Australian outback before finding himself imprisoned for telling uncomfortable truths.

Stella Moris

The bride to be was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, grew up in Spain, and traveled the world before settling down in the U.K., where she and Julian currently have 2 adorable children and the lovely Embassy Cat.

Your Support Matters

This wedding is more than just your average tying of the knot. This is a powerful statement to the world that love transcends all bounds, even those of powerful states bent on revenge and corrupt self-interest. Support our fight for freedom, for truth, and for love. Help us get Julian back to his family. It is only by standing together, that we can stand at all.

Our Moments

First time we met


They met in 2011, when Stella was hired to help work on preventing Julian's extradition. She found him clever, engaging, and direct. She still does to this day.

First Date


It's hard to date properly when you're being pursued by powerful states bent on revenge for your work publishing evidence of war crimes, but they met nearly every day in the Embassy and realized how they felt about one another. They found love in a hopeless place.

Marriage Proposal


Julian was always the more comfortable one, and when the moment came, when he asked the question, they wondered, could we actually have that dream of normal love and life together? Could we reach for love amidst the fury of corrupt interests trying to track, imprison and assassinate us?

Wedding Confirmation


Julian and Stella initially intended to marry in the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Julian had been forced into asylum, but were not able to wed until Julian was granted citizenship. Under the pro-Washington Moreno government, that prospect had become impossible, even once he obtained citizenship. After his asylum was unlawfully revoked, and he was dragged from the embassy and thrown into Belmarsh, Julian and Stella asked the prison, in December of 2020, to allow them to marry. After a lot of back and forth, and a few threats of legal action, Belmarsh finally relented and agreed to allow the couple to have their wedding in late 2021.